Saturday, January 16, 2010

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at ay ohh el. ;)

Back in the day, having a professional website to blog and keep in touch was the thing. These days, not so much. Like you all, the non-internet life is more compelling and curious to me.

I spend more time outdoors than posting on Facebook. In fact, I just deactivated my account because it appears to me most people use it to brag, show off, and seek attention; pretending to be something they wish to be.

I have no problem with that personally, but don't want to be a part of it. ;) If you want to hire a writer, designer, private eye, or dominatrix, you know where to find me. ;) Keep in Touch!

This is a link to my C.V.

Always, CZ

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Heh. Ok, I found this by accident! So for all you kids gettin your rave on, Leroy explains all about picking mushrooms and playing ping pong in rave dancing!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

My footie.

I like this pic ja know ;)

Oh and more....

Okay So this pic of my finger was self-induced. I'd like to say it was a shark bit but it wasn't. :( I had gotten a bouquet of flowers for my birthday and was cutting the stems on my kitchen counter with of course, a huge knife and in once slice, cut right down to the bone - yup, I saw the bone.

So it started gushing blood. Not like you'd expect but like horror movie gushing. It bled for 4 hours through 7 wadded up papertowels. Later my doc confirmed that I needed stitches but by then it was starting to heal.

Everyday I'd pull the skin which was like wet tissue paper to align up so I wouldn't have a huge scar. I'll have to take a pic cos I do have a scar but it looks pretty damn good! Why didn't I go to the ER? Silly me.

Where was I? Someone? Anyone?

Taco stand somewhere not in California me thinks. But it was GOOD!

And more pix !

So I just woke up here far, far away from home and um, looking like I just woke up too. This was a lovely time, fo sho.

Someone sent this to me ages ago. Where was I? I have no clue? I don't even know if I was in this country lol. I suppose I didn't want to be photographed heh. Why? Not a clue.

Again, where I am? If you know, let me know! Oh wait, I remember, San Francisco bay. Heh. I love my bare feet in the sand. Always have.

Ah now this was nice. The debutantes ball and the lavish buffet of food that looked like jewels and other things. It was a glorious time. I need some of this gloriousness again.

Some new and old Pix

Okay, these were the skybucket thingys at Sea World. Scariest. Ride. Ever. I'm serious! If you could see my face I was soooo disgruntled and terrified! So here's the deal, I think the ride ends at the other side of the bay? Nooooo!!! It jams into this hut thing where some teenager guy helps the cart spin around to go back the other way!!!! AGGHH!!!

BTW, I survived it. Barely.

So here I am downtown LA on a weekend looking all crafty or something. I went to the downtown library and enjoyed spending the day there before heading to the Bonaventure hotel and playing in the elevator (not!).

So they have these signs that tell you where to take pictures so um, yea, me and the photo spot! Aren't we a cute couple?

I have my dad's Spanish eyes.

OK, yes I'm on the freeway. Yes, my car is broken down. Yes I have AAA. Yes, we were determined not to look all sad in front of passers by, NO! We would show them how much fun we would have broken down on the freeway and we did! Who says breaking down on the highway can't be fun?

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Hey Huzzah, What the Hell?

Okay, so looky here at It's not all bloggy and stuff. I'm not sure if I'm sticking with this but in the time being, it's a good way to communicate my thoughts, ideas and changes of my professional and personal life here. 3 cheers!

That said, check back soon. I'm happy it's up and running and comb through archives if you like, see how my mind was working a year ago, or two years ago. There's some fun stuff here. More to come, y'all...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Great Stuff #3 - TED Talk - Happiness

I know, I keep writer, vampire hours. This is a lovely TED talk.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Great Stuff #2 - Big Black, Dead Billy

Steve, Santiago, yep. I was just a kid with great taste in music. :)

Great Stuff 1 - Television, Marquee Moon

Are you SERIOUS?

No CZ blog since July 2007. LOL.

My opinion is that if you have a personal non-adsense blog where you're not FORCED into being a slave to the masses for money, most creative people are a bit too busy to ramble on aimlessly or perhaps, even with aim.

That said, Shadow Hunter #2 came out this week. It looks gorgeous.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Pix from San Diego Comicon 2007

Yup, had a GREAT time. I can't stress how great it was! Click each pic to see it in supersize proportions.

Me n Gonk!

Lego Chewbaca, mhm.

Stewie and Z paparazzi

Who can't love yellow puffy things?

Klingon eatin' a burger. How logical!

Me n Opti sportin' someone elses feature crippled moto razor

Oooh another puffy yellow thing - The Hepatitis B!!!!

Ooosh they were So mean!

This guy was even vibrating!!! Who knew they did that!